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How to USE

No one wakes up in the morning and says, wow what a nice day, I'd like to be a victim. No one wants this!

The ProtectHER is just another tool developed to possibly keep that from happening. The ProtectHER was designed for people who would want a light weight protection device while jogging, walking, just going to your car, going back to your dorm, or even driving in your car (place in cup holder). Wherever you think you may need it. 

1. ProtectHERPalm point down: For the jogger/walker they would place the ProtectHER in palm of hand point down place string around middle finger turn till string tightens (not to tight) just enough so that it hangs in hand without holding it. Now as you jog you have a tool to defend yourself from animals or people. If grabbed from behind just bring the ProtectHER down on back of their hand, arm or swing down behind you into the groin area, wherever you can hit them. If confronted from the front think about a clavicle strike, upper torso, or wherever you can strike. Then run!

2. ProtectHER: Point out front of hand: Walkers, (parking lots) Place the rubber end in palm of hand with point sticking out between index and middle fingers (will work between any fingers) but the index and middle finger best because you have the support and push of your whole arm. Also can be held, pinched between thumb and top of index finger. If confronted by someone facing you, where is the biggest target? CENTER MASS (chest area) just like if you were shooting at a threat with a gun. Or wherever you can strike to defend yourself. 

3. ProtectHER: In vehicle place in cup holder point down if someone reaches in your window while stopped grab your ProtectHER hit what you can, push them out of the window. What is good about this is that you are touching and seeing the ProtectHER whenever you are driving so it is nothing strange to you when needed. The ProtectHER will be quicker than trying to get your mace out of wherever you have it, or even trying to bring your handgun in to operation.

ProtectHER: just like all weapons (including hand guns) touch them, feel them, and become familiar with them so when needed it can be used without hesitation. 

4. ProtectHER: On the key chain can be used as mentioned above. When used on key chain I can stick key in pocket the push hangs on the outside of my jeans so if needed I just pull it out with it between index and middle finger ready to go.

The ProtectHER comes in 3 and 5 inch lengths to fit different hand sizes (different color bands available) or if to be used in cup holder where you may want the longer one.